Covid-19 Updates


  • The Clubrooms will not be open. Please arrive with your gate key, just in case. 
  • The top green will be in use from 10am until 5.30pm each day for roll up only. There is no booking system – first in, first dressed. 
  • Nigel will set up the rinks each day (thank you Nige). 
  • Five rinks will be available with 2 members per rink. (The bottom green will be maintained, but at this stage ONLY the top green will be in use.) 
  • Members who have not yet paid their 2020/21 fees will not be able to participate as they will not be covered for accidents. Visitors are not permitted to participate. 
  • All members attending must sign in. Please also record the time you leave. The attendance book and sanitiser are located on the Umpires’ Box. 
  • Please use the hand sanitizer on arrival at and departure from the Club. Remember not to shake hands, high five or hug. 
  • Each session will run on the hour. Please stick to the time to allow others to play. If you arrive at 12.10 pm and 10 people are on the green, please leave and come back for 1pm. If you arrive at 12.10 pm and there are only 8 people on the green, feel free to take a rink, but be prepared to leave at 1pm. 
  • Mats should be sprayed with disinfectant when you complete your session. Jacks are in the container with disinfectant. Please return the jack to that container when you are finished. This container will be emptied and refreshed each day. 
  • If you wish to have a drink or something to eat during the time you are at the Club, please bring your own. No BYO alcohol please. 
  • Remember to wash your personal bowls cloth once you have used it. The virus can live on your cloth for 72 hours if not washed. 
  • If more than 10 people are on the green at one time, ALL will be asked to leave by a Board / Committee representative. 
  • We will do everything possible to make you safe at the Bowls Club. If you are unsure about attending, please stay at home. 

COVID-19 Easing of restrictions guidelines for Clubs


Tuesday May 12th, 2020

Following the Victorian State Government’s planned lifting of COVID-19 restrictions yesterday (Monday May 11) and after further discussion with Sport and Recreation Victoria, Vic Sport and Bowls Australia, the below information from Bowls Victoria lists the measures to ensure that we can return to the sport that we all enjoy playing from Tuesday May 12 at 11:59pm to Sunday May 31 (pending further announcements from the State Government).

The sole priority at this point in time is safe social opportunities to play Bowls. We want Bowlers start to socially connect with others in small groups, practicing the sport that we all enjoy.

Bowls Victoria will continue to liaise with the Victorian State Government, VicSport and Bowls Australia to provide specific advice for Bowlers for the month of June.

This advice is general in nature and the COVID-19 situation is forever changing. Please keep an eye out on and our Bowls Victoria Facebook page for any further updates in regard to Bowls restrictions.

As between the period of Wednesday May 13 and Sunday May 31, the following must be adhered to for all Bowls Victoria Affiliated Clubs.


  • Should advise their members whether their Bowling Green is open or closed after Wednesday May 13. 
  • Bowlers must contact their club to check whether they are open, available (within visitor number limits), and ready for a roll.
  • Clubs should also check with their local council that that they have permission to re-open their club.
  • Clubs should have all appropriate signage to advise members on the requirements of play.
  • Clubs should be open to members only.
  • NSW clubs should also consider and abide by their State Government legislation.

Practicing Bowls:

  • Clubs are permitted to have 10 people maximum per green (including a coach).
  • Rinks must be positioned a minimum of 1.5 metres apart at all times.
  • Maximum of 4 Bowlers per rink at any one time. Bowlers should practice social distancing (1.5 meters apart) at all times.

General Around-the-Green Hygiene:

  • Please refrain from shaking hands, high-fives or any contact with others and keep 1.5 meters apart.
  • Please refrain from handling other people’s bowls.
  • Please keep your hands clean by having sanitizer readily available at the club.
  • Wash your hands before and after play.
  • If you’re feeling unwell then you should not attend the club under any circumstances.
  • All mats and jacks must be thoroughly cleaned before being used.
  • Please refrain from picking up Jacks and instead (where possible) kick jacks with your feet.
  • Please refrain from multiple people handling mats.

Facility Use:

  • Clubs may use toilets at their facility.
  • Club houses, bars, eating areas, indoor sitting areas, showers and change rooms must remain closed.
  • Bars and restaurants attached to a Bowling Club that are already offering takeaway or delivery services can continue. No sit-down meals or drinks are permitted.

General Information:

  • Practice must be limited to 10 people per green.
  • Members in a high-risk category should strongly consider whether they should or should not be playing as per their own circumstances and/or medical advice.
  • Clubs should be aware that Bowls are limited to practice at this stage and no organised competition Bowls are permitted (For instance; this is not the period of time where your club should be scheduling a club pairs match).
  • Clubs must keep a list of who attends the venue/club and at what time (arrival and departure times) to assist with contact tracing if required.
  • No spectators are permitted to watch anyone practice (unless they are driving a bowler to and from their practice session), clubs should remain a spectator free environment until Bowls Victoria advises otherwise.

Until the Victorian Government releases a further update (estimated to be in early June 2020), these measures are for the foreseeable future, to keep Victorian Bowlers safe.

Bowls Victoria are committed to providing safe environments to play our remaining State Championship events and remaining Metropolitan Pennant matches. More information will be released upon these two respective competitions in June pending further government advice.

Club Poster – COVID-19 Guidelines for Participants

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