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News from the Midweek Selection Committee

The MPD has advised that a majority of clubs favored a later start to season 2019/20.

The Australian Nationals and the Victorian Open will be played in October/early November 2020, requiring a November start (or later) to the pennant season from that year onwards.

The MPD decided that the 2019/20 season will start on the last Saturday in October (26/10/19) for Saturday pennant and the last Tuesday in October (29/10/2019) for Midweek pennant.

We are awaiting confirmation on a few points but it is likely that the configuration relevant to Balnarring this year will be

Div 1 & 2 Restricted

One Open Div to be advised by MPB

Please let the selection committee know if you plan to play in open or restricted as soon as possible. Some members have already put their names on the list at the club but due to the closure of the club rooms, it’s possible some of you have not yet had the opportunity.

Please email your preference to: Anne Westbury (deedee7@bigpond.com) or Robbie Steege (uvva82@gmail.com).

Women’s Only Pre season Competition entries close on 10 August 2019.

The MPD Board is of the view that women’s sports generally are increasing rapidly in prominence and believes that there is an opening to run this type of competition.

Whilst it was difficult to get a broad consensus among those clubs favoring this format, the Board interviewed clubs that were in favor to see if a format and time could be established to successfully start a competition.

The clubs in the southern section of the Division agreed that a ‘2 teams x 4 players = 8 per side’ competition be played on Tuesdays in September and October- rotating among the clubs that enter.

The proposed format to be advised when settled. This competition will be offered and reassessed at its completion.

In accordance with the provisions of the BV/VCAT determinations, a survey of the club members is required for this competition to take place and will be forwarded to the clubs within the next few weeks.

We will forward the survey as soon as it is received however, due to the close date, could you please let us know at the above email addresses if you wish to participate.

Midweek Pennant Selection Committee

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