MPB Inc Match Committee COVID-19 Update

As you all know there are currently Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions in place in Victoria that do not allow participation in our much loved sport in the Mornington Peninsula Bowls Inc division (soon to be Region).We hope, like yourselves, that these restrictions will result in a large reduction in the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Victoria and allow a further round of reduced restrictions which will eventually allow our upcoming pennant, state events, twilight leagues and women’s only events to start as scheduled.Because of the volatility of the situation in Victoria we cannot reliably plan for the future however we can attempt to predict a few different scenarios that are most likely to occur involving our sport for which we can be prepared and then manage a suitable outcome for the member clubs on the Peninsula and their players.

Pennant Calendar
Scenario 1 – Saturday Pennant start on Sat 31 October 2020 and Midweek Pennant start on Tue 4 Nov 2020 as currently scheduled.Scenario 2 – Saturday Pennant start on or close to Sat 5 Dec 2020 and Midweek Pennant start on or close to Tue 8 Dec 2020 and complete 14 rounds.Scenario 3 – Saturday Pennant start on Sat 9 Jan 2021 and Midweek Pennant start on Tue 12 Jan 2021 and complete 14 rounds with the finals in early May.Scenario 4 – if we get a severely interrupted season, that a seven (7) round competition plus finals be played.

Pennant Format
We are confident that when there is a reduction in the restrictions 32 players will be allowed to play on a green, however if a lesser number is permitted we would look to re-format the competition to match what we can have on the greens. We have considered a variety of different formats and, if required, will announce them when we have a clearer indication of allowable numbers. Once the season starts with a format, the whole season will continue to completion with that format.

State Events
In the event that the State Events cannot start on the scheduled date or are severely interrupted, there is the possibility that the ‘Calendar of Events’ for the qualifying rounds and Finals will be compressed to get the events completed in time for the State Titles.The participants may be required to play the events at alternate times than otherwise scheduled i.e. in the evenings, on public holidays and even ‘extra’ games on a game day. Availability of venues could be critical along with compliance with social distancing.Adherence to a flexible schedule is paramount.

Looking forward with eager anticipation to having everyone back on the green enjoying club representative pennant bowls and the challenge of state events. 

In the meantime Keep Safe and Healthy,
The Mornington Peninsula Bowls Match Committee